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I have been writing music and performing professionally for 30 years.  Since moving to Florida, I've added many new originals that embrace the Florida scenery, history and lifestyle.  This has been met with great enthusiasm from crowds all over the state.  I currently have two CDs out but am now working on one that is exclusively Ukulele.  

I plan to use this site to give back, meaning, I will be posting info on where to go for festivals, sites that are all about Ukulele, song sites, and fun photos and pics of local and national events.  Enjoy and most of all Have Fun!  

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Brian's huge chord list collection!

Unbelievable, the things I keep finding to help us on our way!  I was trying to figure out what an A9 would be, and couldn't find it on my easy chart, nor on a site that I refer to, so I just typed in Ukulele and A9 and wallah, a plethora of chord sites came up.  But. . .  this one site, oh man!  He has the chords to about 10 instruments and they are categorized as common, difficult, and beauty.  Uh, the beauty ones are also difficult for the most part, but, they are definitely beautiful.  I did try some!  LOL  Only some, then went back to common.

So here is the link and I will add this link to the side bar as well for future reference!!!  Happy Strumming!  Oh, and the reason I needed the A9 is that I was transposing a song from Dr Uke's site, and the changes brought up this A9.  LOL.  So, if you are ever in this predicament, go to this site and then after you choose your instrument, go back to the left of the page and you'll see letters.  Choose the root letter, (he calls it the base note), and then a page comes up with ever chord lettering for that letter.  Now choose the lettering that you want and a third page comes up with all the ways to make that one chord!  If you just want a chord chart, he has that too, with common chords most used, but for  outside the box ones you need to input the letter etc.

Here is the site: Brian's Huge Chord List Collection    Happy Strumming!!!


  1. thanks for the link...congrats on the new blog. When you get UAS (Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome), call me.

  2. At what point (# of Ukes) is one considered to have this symdrome? lol ;-)

  3. this great web site seems to be unreachable. I used it up to few days ago. I would like to know what happened. Thanks