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I have been writing music and performing professionally for 30 years.  Since moving to Florida, I've added many new originals that embrace the Florida scenery, history and lifestyle.  This has been met with great enthusiasm from crowds all over the state.  I currently have two CDs out but am now working on one that is exclusively Ukulele.  

I plan to use this site to give back, meaning, I will be posting info on where to go for festivals, sites that are all about Ukulele, song sites, and fun photos and pics of local and national events.  Enjoy and most of all Have Fun!  

Remember this, Never Stop Dreaming, But, Now Is The Time To Take Your Dreams To The Next Level, And Start Living Your Dreams!!!! quote by Norine Mungo :)

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Events for December in Tampa Bay!

 Tampa Bay Ukulele Society 
December Events for TBUS are listed below with links to each event.  To become a member, it's free, just click on the link above to go to the home page!

Events to plan for are:
December 14th . 2nd Saturday Jam this month is the
3rd Annual Christmas Jam, from 1 PM to about 5 PM, hosted by Jay Nunes and members of TBUS.  This is a must for the best and hottest jam going out there in the St Petersburg/Largo area.   There will be a potluck social from about 1 to 2 pm, with jam following. Dress in Holiday Spirit for this one if you like!  Lots of PHOTO ops!

The song lists for the December Jams are at the following links:
Kents Christmas Songs
Christmas Songs 1
Christmas Songs 2
A big thank you to Jay and Kent for putting those together for the Society.  We will be using those songs throughout the December activities!

Beginner Sessions on Wednesday, December 18th, starts at 7 pm. Hosted by 30s Uke Girl, Norine Mungo We will go over more Holiday songs that you can use at your activities and events.  TBUS site has the details! For this event, there are certain preparations that you need to do in order to be ready to learn.  See the requirement list on the page. Also, print the songs from the three links above as they will be used on this session. 

Open Mic Ukulele Jam at The Whistle Stop  December 19th on Thursday.  This is in Safety Harbour and runs from 7 pm to about 10 pm.  The host, and leader of Tampa Bay Ukulele Society, Steve Boisen, does a set of music and then calls up the ukulele performers who have signed up on the list for that evening.  Make sure you bring your ukulele even if you don't want to get up for the crowd.  There is always a jam along after the open mic and we play songs from the Daily Ukulele books.  It is great fun when the whole restaurant whips out ukuleles and everyone plays along!

South Tampa Jam Holiday Extravaganza!  Saturday, December 21st!  This will run from 1 pm to about 5 pm. Social time till everyone gets in and settled.  Wear holiday colors, bring cookies, cupcakes and treats, and we will do the Christmas songs from the three lists above.  The stage is set beautifully for Christmas, and we will have many members getting up to perform for the jam.  This is a jam along, and as members sing on the stage, you will be playing along with them.  After the jam, there will be caroling in our park community,  so if any of you would like to form a group and carol for the over 55ers, just let me know.  I think it would be uber cool to take our ukes and walk a street!  LOL.  This jam is hosted by, ME, 30s Uke Girl.  I will provide a hot cider punch at the jam.  

That is it for December!  Lot's of stuff coming up next month too!  Keep checking in! Until then. . . 

Happy KahMasZaa and Merry New Year! (covers HanukKAH, ChristMAS, and KwanZAA)  I hope it catches on!  I made it up about 3 years ago and you are welcome to copy paste it to your facebooks and blogs.  May it go viral, may there be cards with it going out to friends and family, and maybe, just maybe, we can love our neighbors, Aye?  And as Miss Congeniality says, May we all work toward world peace!  It starts with YOU!!! Ever yours, 30s Uke Girl!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Another great site for Ukulele Chords for songs!

BTW, was looking for lyrics and chords for the Wednesday Beginner Sessions, and came across a nice site with Ukulele friendly Rock N Roll and other fun songs.  We will be doing Drift Away this Wednesday.  Here is a link to the site and I hope you enjoy yet another discovery of a treasure trove of songs!

Here is the link!  Kanikapila (To gather and make music together)
Just go to the music page!  And a big thanks to the admins of the Kanikapila site.  Great work and thanks for sharing!!!!

Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway was wild!!!

Boys and Girls, OMG!  Attended my first Ukulele Getaway with TBUS, and it was a wild one!  My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing all weekend.  My fingers hurt from the Workshops that were excellent.  The entertainment/performers were top rated nationally, and the local talent on the Friday concert were just a good!  

I met so many people that I'd become acquainted with on Facebook, and also got to spend the weekend with all the friends and peeps I've made in the Tampa Bay Ukulele Society.  Oh man, and people were there from all over the state as well as from other states.  

We met great people from Pensacola, and from Naples and Fort Meyers, and of course people trekked across  from the "Other" coast, so pretty much most of Florida was represented! 

On top of all that, and adding in the jamming that we all did, we were treated to a Sunday concert and Luau with Ty and his band.  Hawaiian music and lots of the members got up and did the hula!  LOL

Lastly, but most significantly, I, 30s Uke Girl, WON an Ohana!  It is the TK 35G.  Again, OMG!!  I got home today, freshened up, and ran down to our friends house were a nice bbq party was ensuing.  Vinny and I played Ukulele songs for them on the new Acquisition!!  lol.

I will post a video soon of me playing the new Ohana!  Did I mention my cheeks hurt from smiling???  Pictures coming soon!  Ever, 30s Uke Girl, aka Norine Mungo

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October is Busy for Ukulele Enthusiasts!

Guys and Gals, October is heating up to be one very cool month of Jams, Festivals and concerts!  Where to start!!!

His tour rages on!  But he is back here in March • Jake Shimabukuro, 7:30 p.m. 

March 19 at Capitol Theatre, Clearwater,

 on sale at noon Saturday at the Ruth Eckerd 

Hall box office. Tickets go on sale this week!!!

For all things Jake, click link to his 

website! http://jakeshimabukuro.com/#/home

Kauai's Festival and Event calender is cooking for October!
Full Calender of events is packed full of great concerts and festivals, many with slack key and Ukulele performances!

And if you missed it, they are already planning the 2014 Uketoberfest in Eugene, Oregon!  Here is the link to the website!  

The Hawaii Ukulele Festival is upon us!  October 13!!

Local Tampa Ukulele Jams are as follows for Tampa Bay Ukulele Society: http://www.meetup.com/tampabayukes/

Wednesday Night Beginner Sessions South Tampa, hosted by Norine Mungo October 9th.

2nd Saturday Jam in Largo hosted by Jay Nunes October 12th.

Flea Bitten Dawgs concert at Grams Place, Tampa, Mar Deuce hosts Sunday October 13th.

Wednesday Night Beginner Sessions South Tampa, hosted by Norine Mungo October 23rd

Ukulele Open Mic at The Whistle Stop, Safety Harbour, hosted by Steve Boisen  Thurs Oct 24th.

2nd Annual Ladies Picking Weekend at Grams Place Tampa, hosted by Mar Deuce October 25th thru 27th 

South Tampa Jam at Homes of Regency Cove hosted by Norine Mungo October 26th. 

So, lots of activity for your October jaunts.  There were many festivals this month, so check out the sidebar on the left and catch a few!  Happy Strumming and Ever Yours, 30s Uke Girl!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Pics on the South Tampa Jam Page!

Hey Ho, Members of TBUS,
Posted some pics of our first Jam at the Hall for the September 21st meet up.  Loved having it at the house, but room was getting tight, lol, and it felt good to stretch out!  The October South Tampa Jam looks to be jam packed with great music of Fall and Halloween, and with the singing help of the residents of the park, I think we will have a blast!  Enjoy the pics!  More pics and videos will follow as we grow!  Happy Strumming!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Uke Buddy! Cool Site!

Hello from Tampa,
I have found yet another cool site for you beginners.  Heck, I think even seasoned players would find this site cool in that it has an easy to use chord finder system, a tuner that covers all three tunings for Ukulele, Reviews of Ukes, in a simple easy to use format.  There was a review of the Luna High Tide on the site and lo and behold, there was a video of Steve Boisen playing it!  Hah! For those of you NOT in the Tampa area, Steve Boisen is our venerable leader and Guru of the Tampa Bay Ukulele Society.  

So, I will post the link to the home page here on this post, and it is also over on the right hand side, if you scroll down a bit, for future reference.  Don't forget also to check out the new page I created for our Beginner Sessions that I hold here in Tampa.  I have posted Session One on that page so far, and other session will follow.  Now, go check out Uke Buddy!  Let me know how you liked it in the comment section below the post.  As always, Happy Strumming and Ever Yours, 30s Uke Girl (aka Norine Mungo)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

J J FOOT Ready for Bookings!

JJ Foot

Jump Jivin Flea ORCHESTRA of tampa
vintage & swing music for your event!
available for weddings, private venues
CORPORATE events, festivals & street fairs

jj foot takes you back in time creating a big band sound with a unique twist!
we add tenor & bass ukuleles, a cornet, an archtop guitar,
& percussion, tastefully put together with mad vocal harmonies
to keep your event “swinging all night long!”
you can book jj foot as a trio or a full band, depending on the size of your event and venue!
it is ‘your’ vision for your event that drives the music!
photos, cd's, promotional accessories available at shows
Norine aka 30s uke girl, vinny 'mad dog' mungo, big jim allen
for Booking info: Jim Allen 727-647-4504

Thursday, August 22, 2013

South Tampa Jam Grows Up!!!

Hey Boys and Girls,
Just a quick heads up for all upcoming South Tampa Ukulele Jams!  We have the HALL!!!  This September on the 21st will be at the Hall in the park here.  Go to Tampa Bay Ukulele Society Meetups to sign up for it.  Membership is free!  Starts at 2PM!  Social 1/2 hour then play.  There is a stage!  It seats up to 250 people at tables!  Bring your friends!  The park of Regency Cove is invited to listen and sing along, and we hope they all join the Society and become Ukulele players too!   October will be the 26th, November will be the 23rd and Dec will be the 21st.   

January will be outdoors for a picnic!  Then from Feb to Dec of 2014, we have the hall EVERY 3rd Saturday!!!  So So So Happy Strumming!!!!!  

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beginner Session Wednesday

Hello Boys & Girls,
It is Wednesday again, and time for Beginner Session.  Starts at 7 PM, bring your Charts from Session 1, and I have a few more to add to them.  If you have smart phones, please bring them in.  I will show you some apps that are unbelievable and so helpful and handy for Ukulele!  Please print out the two songs that are listed on the TBUS site for August 14th!  We will be learning those two on Wednesday night!  Also, you are welcome to come to the Saturday South Tampa Jam held every 3rd Saturday of the month.  All the information is on the Tampa Bay Ukulele Society Meet Up board.

 Till then, Happy Strumming!!  30's Uke Girl

Sunday, August 4, 2013

30s Uke Girl, "I'll See You In My Dreams", Cover, F#

Here is a little something for our South Tampa Ukulele Jam as well as our Wednesday Night Beginner Sessions.  I use a capo on the first fret to raise the song up a half step so I can sing the lowest note in the song.  Use a capo, transpose, or play bar chords.  You can play it like it is in F if you use a capo!  Happy Strumming!!!  (And I was joking about the 3D!  LOL)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Wednesday Beginner Sessions

  Starting July 31st, I will be conducting Beginner Sessions here in South Tampa.  We will take apart two intermediate songs each session.  I will teach you chord transitioning, and also transposing so that you can sing in your own keys.  There will be charts available and you can print out the songs via pdf files which are available at Tampa Bay Ukulele Society Meet Up site.   I request that you join the membership there as it is FREE and from there you will be given the address and information you need for the class.  Space is limited so sign up early.  The link to TBUS is TAMPA BAY UKULELE SOCIETY  There is no charge for these sessions, this is a contribution to the Society for beginners to get some structure that will entice them into a greater love of Ukulele.  Happy Strumming, 30's Uke Girl Norine Mungo

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fred Kelly Freedom Pics

Alaskan Pics
So, I was online looking for the Alaskan Pics, the ones that go under the fingernail, when I happened upon an interesting pic that I will find and try. 

 It is called the Fred Kelly Freedom Pic.  Now, you veterans of guitar and ukulele may already know of this little tyke, but, for those of us who are still knew to the Ukulele and finger picking, I thought this might be a good way to keep my nails in shape. 

Problem, I work in a Doctors office, and can't have long nails on the right hand and shorty nails on the left.  Wouldn't look right!  Right? Right!  So, I thought of the Alaskan Pics, which are quite nice and fit under the nail.  The only issue I have with that pic is that after a short time, my nail aches for days after I use the pic.  

Freedom Pic by Fred Kelly
Solution, The Freedom Pic.  It doesn't go under the nail, and according to the website, you can heat it up with hot water and customize it to your finger shape and size, just like those teeth protector thingies!  Yeah, I use those, pretty picture, I know!  

So, just click on the link above (The Freedom Pic) to go to the website with a video on that page that demonstrates the pic.  I hope it helps some of you out there!  I sure do like finding these cool things!!! 
The Fred Kelly Freedom Pic

Now doesn't that look better? 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

3rd Saturday Jam in South Tampa

Hello folks, as you know, the Tampa Bay Ukulele Society has become quite large!  Yay!  Given that, we are finding that we also cover a huge territory, taking in all of the Tampa area, as well as the St Pete peninsula which goes from about Tarpon Springs down to the tip of the Skyway Bridge.

I have volunteered to guide the Tampa side in a consistent jam on the 3rd Saturday of each month going forward.  These will be in South Tampa, right near the Gandy Bridge, making it accessible from both sides of the bay.  There are several locations in the gated community that I live in for the jams, including right out by the water, as well as a club house that I will look into for larger jams.  This is an over 55 park and I will also invite the community that lives here to join us with their Ukuleles and or to just listen.

We start the kick off this Saturday, the 20th at 2 pm.  Going forward, I may have to move it to 3 pm as I have work next month on that Saturday.  But the Doctor I work for is very helpful and will have me out on time for the August one.  After that, we should be able to keep it earlier.  I will always be willing to do the jam after the jam as well, for those who want to stick around and go into greater detail, as in the number charts etc.

For RSVP and to get directions and the gate code, please email me at 30sukegirl@gmail.com and I will email back the numbers.  You will need the gate code to get in, but the address is 4851 West Gandy Blvd, Tampa, Florida 33611

Looking forward to seeing you there!  Starts at 2 PM
Found yet another cool site that will take you on yet another great journey!  This site is called Mighty Ukulele and the page I have copied the link to will get you to a multitude of sites that have chords, tabs, songs etc.  Some of the sites I've seen before but there are plenty of new ones for you to indulge your Ukulele compulsions with.  Have fun and remember: Strum Strum Strum!  PS, there is also a chord transposing site on this page!  Wow.  How cool is that???

Mighty Ukulele

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rio play "Stars and Stripes Forever" on Ukulele

Happy Fourth of July!  What better way to celebrate our Nations Birthday than with the Little Flea?  Get those Ukuleles out and learn some cool songs for the July 4th parties!!

This little guy seems to have it all going!  This was performed at a festival in Japan. Rio is a little virtuoso!  It is exciting to see the youth getting involved with the Ukulele.  It is NO LONGER a toy in peoples minds.  It is finally being recognized as a wonderful instrument, thanks the the Mraz's, Shimabukuro's and those like them in the music industry.    Enjoy!  And Happy 4th to you all!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So here is a workshop for Beginner Ukulele down in the Sarsota Nokomis area.  Bargara Gail is one awesome lady and she beats a good drum.  Now their shop is selling Ukuleles, and I am really excited for them.  Check them out on their website as well! Happy Strumming!  Here is that link:

Monday, May 20, 2013

Brian's huge chord list collection!

Unbelievable, the things I keep finding to help us on our way!  I was trying to figure out what an A9 would be, and couldn't find it on my easy chart, nor on a site that I refer to, so I just typed in Ukulele and A9 and wallah, a plethora of chord sites came up.  But. . .  this one site, oh man!  He has the chords to about 10 instruments and they are categorized as common, difficult, and beauty.  Uh, the beauty ones are also difficult for the most part, but, they are definitely beautiful.  I did try some!  LOL  Only some, then went back to common.

So here is the link and I will add this link to the side bar as well for future reference!!!  Happy Strumming!  Oh, and the reason I needed the A9 is that I was transposing a song from Dr Uke's site, and the changes brought up this A9.  LOL.  So, if you are ever in this predicament, go to this site and then after you choose your instrument, go back to the left of the page and you'll see letters.  Choose the root letter, (he calls it the base note), and then a page comes up with ever chord lettering for that letter.  Now choose the lettering that you want and a third page comes up with all the ways to make that one chord!  If you just want a chord chart, he has that too, with common chords most used, but for  outside the box ones you need to input the letter etc.

Here is the site: Brian's Huge Chord List Collection    Happy Strumming!!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Interviews to be added to the blog!

Be watching for interviews of TBUS members to be added to the blog.  Am thinking of doing Video interviews with the member playing some songs in between the chatter!  Really excited about this project.  What an archive that will be!

In the meantime, TBUS will be meeting at The Whistlestop Bar & Grill in Safety Harbor the 4th Thursday of the month!  Come on out to Safety Harbor for the Ukulele Jam night and enjoy great food at the Whistlestop!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2nd Saturday Jam for TBUS!

Here is a link to 2nd Saturday Ukulele Jam with Jay Nunes and TBUS   It starts at 1 PM for socializing and then we play together till about 3 PM.  Go to the site for more information and map links.  Join Tampa Bay Ukulele Society!!!  Ever, Norine

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Annette Hanshaw 'The Personality Girl'

Catherine Annette Hanshaw
Annette Hanshaw, known as, "The Personality Girl," was born Catherine Annette Hanshaw in Manhattan at her parents residence on October 18th, 1901.  (She originally was reported to have a birth date of 1910, which would have made her 16 when she first recorded and 25 when she retired, but in fact, she was 25 at her first recording and 35 when she retired.)

Her family was well to do, she came from privilege, but her personality was such that everyone loved her as if she was the girl next door. In her early life  Annette 'Demo'd' sheet music at her family's Hanshaw Music Store in Mount Kisco, New York.  She also performed for guests at some of the hotels that her father owned. 

She even appeared on local radio several times while down here in Florida on family vacations.  People reported that she had, "The voice of an angel!" 

 Her father, who was musically inclined and loved show business,  dropped everything at one point,and ran off to join the circus!  That in itself is a story, aye?   He did return though, and life went back to normal.  That as well as  musical influences  Aunt, Nellie McCoy along with cousin, Bob 'Uke' Hanshaw  who were well known vaudeville   performers propelled Annette into a recording career.   Still, Annette actually didn't plan to enter the world of music.  She wanted to be a designer, and after high school, she entered  the National Academy of Design for one year.   

During all this time, between school and later, design school, she had  rave reviews at each singing appearance around town.  That and those early radio appearances that her father had set up,   led to her first recording, “Black Bottom” and “Six feet of Papa” in New York on September 12th and September 18th of 1926.  Though she never wanted to be a recording star, and shunned public performances, it is recorded that between her disc recordings and her radio appearances (which were recorded back then), she accumulated over 780 recordings of her voice. 

Annette Hanshaw Recording on CBS
Annette preferred to sing alone, and in all those recordings, she only sang with someone else twice.  That was on 'Say It Isn't So' and 'Happy Days Are Here Again.'   She also recorded with the best musicians in the Jazz and Swing Band industry at the time.   The names of
Miff Mole, Phil Napoleon, Eddie Lang, Vic Berton, Benny Goodman, Jimmy Dorsey, Tommy Dorsey, Red Nichols, Joe Venuti, Adrian Rollini and Jack Teagarden were just a few of those big name stars that backed up her records.  Wow! Yet, if you were to ask someone on the street today, "Who was Annette Hanshaw"  you'd probably get a blank stare.  Though famous in the circles of the mid 20's to 30's, because she kept PUBLIC appearances down, we now have to discover her for ourselves. 

At the height of her career in radio and 'phonograph' recording, they say she was in direct competition with Ruth Etting, of which I did an earlier biography. Where Ruth did enter into 
the film industry, Annette took a much quieter
 path, and preferred dogs, cooking and homemaking to fame and glory.  This shy young woman never sought fame and fortune, though it came to her easily.  She was offered roles in film and tours, which would have made her even more famous than she was at the time.  She turned those offers down save for one short film.  That was called, "Captain Henry's Radio Show"  and it depicted real life for radio stars.  

She grew weary of the recording industry, probably from the pressure put upon her to advance into film and touring, thus retiring in the late 30's.  She married Pathe' Records executive, Herman 'Wally' Rose. Herman was in the audience at one of her performances in 1926, and recognized her full potential.  He was a music executive at Pathe Records.  They worked together to create some of the most quintessential jazz recordings of the "Flapper" era.  

 Even while still recording, her family life was much more important to her than fame.  She prized herself on being a good housewife and companion to Herman.  Critiques to this day admonish her for this, stating that she was one of the voices of the ages, and that she belonged to the public.  I wonder at a woman of this talent, who was able to have both sides of the coin.  Her love for Herman was epic they say.   He passed away in 1954.   

Eventually Annette remarried in the 70's, to Mr Herb Kurtin, who  was with her to the end, but official biographers always refer back to Herman as her true love.  Though she retired in the mid thirties, she was astonished when there was a resurgence of interest in her recordings in the 70's.  There have been  quite a few newer records created from her old recordings.  

Annette recorded under many pseudonyms for different radio show personas that she took on through the years. Those names were, Gay Ellis, for sentimental songs, and Dot Dare, and Patsy Young, for her Helen Kane (Betty Boop) impersonations. She also recorded under the names Ethel Bingham, Marion Lee, Janet Shaw, and Lelia Sandford. Many people would mistakenly think they were listening to Helen Kane or Betty Boop when they would hear Annette on the radio.
 That makes me think of the line in the song, "Video Killed The Radio Star", because, when you think about it, back when you didn't see the person, they could sing a plethora of material, changing personas to fit the style.  Today, it is almost impossible for a non cookie cutter looking person to make it, given the media we have today, let alone changing personality and style. 

Since investigating these early radio stars, I've come across  multiple recording names consistently.  All told, Annette Hanshaw recorded about 250 sides in her short lived ten year career.  Ten years in itself is amazing when you compare it to recording stars today, and to add to that,  leaving behind a huge portfolio of songs this size is just amazing.  Of course, as earlier stated, if you include the radio appearance recordings as well, you know have a documented 780.  Holy Cow!   Some of the songs she was known for are listed on a site called Red Hot Jazz.  Here is a link to that site.

Annette passed away on March 13, 1985, succumbing to cancer.  She is laid to rest in Hartsdale, New York.  I think she had a great life.  The best of both worlds they say.  She was famous for a line that she said at the end of many of her recordings, which they kept and did not cut out.  She would say, "That's All!"
Indeed, Annette, I hope I brought some of your music to the attention of the public, and as we move on to your peers, I fondly say, "That's All!"

Oh, so, as to the UKULELE, lol, which this blog is about, check out this recording of Annette Hanshaw performing "I  Love A Ukulele".  Enjoy!

There are many more you tube videos of Annette Hanshaw recordings.  Many of which are the Ukulele songs that we perform today.  I love the slow vamp style of these recordings and it influences my take on the style I am going for in my own performances.  Play along if you can.  Sometimes though, the tuning is just a little off because of the speed of the recordings of those times.  I actually down tuned slightly on one song to play along with the recording.  LOL.  But then of course, you must retune afterwards.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

'Shine On Harvest Moon' Ruth Etting America's Sweetheart of Song

Ruth Etting
America's Sweetheart of Song, Ruth Etting, was born November 23rd, 1897 in the town of David City Nebraska.  

According to Wikipedia, my favorite source on the web for Biographical material:

Ruth Etting left David City at the age of seventeen to attend art school in Chicago. Her job designing costumes at the Marigold Gardens nightclub led to employment singing and dancing in the chorus there.

She became a featured vocalist at the nightclub, and married gangster Martin "Moe the Gimp" Snyder on July 12, 1922. He managed her career, booking radio appearances, and eventually had her signed to an exclusive recording contract with Columbia Records.

She made her Broadway debut in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1927. She went on to appear in a number of other hit shows in rapid succession, including Simple Simon and Whoopee!. In Hollywood, she made a long series of movie shorts between 1929 and 1936, and three feature movies in 1933 and 1934. In 1936, she appeared in London in Ray Henderson's Transatlantic Rhythm.

Ruth on Cover of Radio Mirror
Back to Me:
She had over 60 recordings in her career.  Well known for 'Shine On Harvest Moon'  as well as her hit, 'Get Happy' from her Broadway appearance in 'Nine-fifteen Review', she was a household name. 

She was in over 20 short films through the mid thirties as well as 4 feature films.  The best known is her debut in 'Roman Scandals' with Eddie Cantor and Gloria Stuart.  

She sang, 'Shine On Harvest Moon' while in the Ziegfeld Follies, reviving the tune.  This tune has survived big time through the ages, and has even been recorded by an 8 year old Britney Spears on Mickey Mouse Club, and as recently as 2012 by Lon Milo DuQuette on the Baba Lon II release which includes 11 originals as well. 

There was scandal though, involving her marriage and divorce of gangster MOE the Gimp Snyder.  After their divorce in 1937, she fell in love with her pianist, Myrl Alderman.  He was shot by her ex, the gangster.

 Hospitalized, after two gun shot wounds, he would survive the attack.  Ruth and Myrl married, despite the fact that he was 10 years her junior.  Moe did 1 year in jail. The scandal effectively ended her career.

The images abound on image search, and her discography is hefty for a woman of that time.  She lived well, and passed away at the age of 80 in Colorado Springs in 1978.  

She had so many songs I could choose to share, but as this is the Ukulele Blog, lol, and we have all played this song so many times in the learning of our instrument, I thought it fitting to place this one in the archive for future enjoyment!

Here are some images of cover shots on sheet music featuring Ruth Etting. 
Again, there were so many to choose from but I reduced it to three, and now you can investigate this interesting woman further.  Look her up on youtube for big surprises!

                                                        Shine On Harvest Moon.  

And one more for nostalgia's sake.  Just loved this recording of 'Love Me Or Leave Me'.  One of those voice captures that is so elegant.  This one also has some great photos of Ruth Etting.  If you go on youtube and pull her name up with the word FILM attached, you can actually watch some of the very first musical shorts she was in.  I can't believe how they could get a whole story in to a small ten to twenty minute film.  

                                                           Love Me Or Leave Me

Ukulele Lady by Vaughn De Leath "The Original Radio Girl"

Vaughn De Leath, born Leonore Vonderlieth September 26,1984 in the town of Mt. Pulaski, Illinois was known as "The First Lady of Radio". She was a stylized singer, of the crooner method and though quite popular in the 1920s is little known today.

This being a Ukulele blog, about all things Ukulele, I thought it would be cool to start with her!

One of her hit songs, 'Are You Lonesome Tonight' , recorded in 1927, later became a well recognized mega hit for, of course, Elvis Presley in 1960.

According to Wikipedia:
In January 1920, the inventor and radio pioneer Lee DeForest, brought her to his studio in New York City's World Tower, where De Leath sang "Swanee River" in a cramped room. Most radio listeners at the time were only equipped with crystal radio, which limited audio fidelity. This performance is sometimes cited as the first live singing broadcast (although this is disputed by some historians). According to some historical accounts of this incident, having been advised that high notes sung in her natural soprano might shatter the fragile vacuum tubes of her carbon microphone's amplifier, De Leath switched to a deep contralto and in the process invented "crooning", which became the dominant pop vocal styling for the next three decades.

By 1921, in the formative years of commercial radio, De Leath began singing at WJZ, in Newark, New Jersey (a station later known as WABC in New York City). She also performed on the New York stage in the early to mid 1920s, but radio became her primary medium, and she made a name for herself as a radio entertainer.

Her recording career began in 1921. Over the next decade she recorded for a number of labels, including Edison, Columbia, Okeh, Gennett, Victor, and Brunswick. She occasionally recorded for major label subsidiaries under various pseudonyms.[2] These included Gloria Geer, Mamie Lee, Sadie Green, Betty Brown, Nancy Foster, Marion Ross, Glory Clark, Angelina Marco, and Gertrude Dwyer.[1] De Leath had a highly versatile range of styles, and as material required could adapt as a serious balladeer, playful girl, vampish coquette, or vaudeville comedienne.

De Leath's recording accompanists included some of the major jazz musicians of the 1920s, including cornetist Red Nichols, trombonist Miff Mole, guitarists Dick McDonough and Eddie Lang, and bandleader Paul Whiteman. She demonstrated a high level of instrumental ability on the ukulele, and occasionally accompanied herself on recordings. In performance she played banjo, guitar, and piano. She also recorded ukulele instruction records.

In 1923, she became one of the first female executives to manage a radio station, WDT, in New York City, on which she also performed. In 1928, she appeared on an experimental television broadcast, and later became a special guest for the debut broadcast of Voice of Firestone Radio Hour. She also was one of the first American entertainers to broadcast to Europe via transatlantic radio transmission.

De Leath made her last recording in 1931 for the Crown label. She made her final nationwide network performances in the early 1930s. In her waning years, she made radio appearances on local New York stations, including WBEN in Buffalo.

Her 1925 hit recording, "Ukulele Lady", was used in the 1999 film, The Cider House Rules.[1]

Back to me:
I would have rewritten the above but, why mess with something so perfect, right? Better for you to have that info in tact.

She was an amazing lady for her times. She lived well, died poor, as all musicians and artists seem to do, and they say she had health complications from a 'Drinking Problem.' She died at the age of 42 on May 28th, 1943. I give you now, the link to her song, "Ukulele Lady".

4th Thursday Ukulele Jam with TBUS

Tonight is the 4th Thursday Ukulele Jam with TBUS. 
That is the Tampa Bay Ukulele Society meetup where everyone, young, old, 
and in between come out to The Whistle Stop Bar & Grill to play and or listen to others
play Ukuleles.  Even the Ukuleles come in all shapes and sizes and ages.
New and seasoned ukulele players/owners come out in totem 
and jam individually to responsive audiences who applaud every
effort you make to perform with your ukulele.

I started out going to this jam carrying in my huge guitar.  Yes, and I capo'd the fifth fret and played the bottom four strings which then become the exact tuning of a Tenor C tuned Uke. 
TBUS was very welcoming to me and my HUGE Uke, and then they celebrated with me 
when I finally got my Luna High Tide from my husband at Christmas. 

I will post more about Ukes as we try them out, and I will post lots of links to videos and other sites that help new Ukulele owners get information as to chords, songs, accessories and products.  

Welcome to 30s Uke Girl!
Norine Mungo!