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I have been writing music and performing professionally for 30 years.  Since moving to Florida, I've added many new originals that embrace the Florida scenery, history and lifestyle.  This has been met with great enthusiasm from crowds all over the state.  I currently have two CDs out but am now working on one that is exclusively Ukulele.  

I plan to use this site to give back, meaning, I will be posting info on where to go for festivals, sites that are all about Ukulele, song sites, and fun photos and pics of local and national events.  Enjoy and most of all Have Fun!  

Remember this, Never Stop Dreaming, But, Now Is The Time To Take Your Dreams To The Next Level, And Start Living Your Dreams!!!! quote by Norine Mungo :)

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Another great site for Ukulele Chords for songs!

BTW, was looking for lyrics and chords for the Wednesday Beginner Sessions, and came across a nice site with Ukulele friendly Rock N Roll and other fun songs.  We will be doing Drift Away this Wednesday.  Here is a link to the site and I hope you enjoy yet another discovery of a treasure trove of songs!

Here is the link!  Kanikapila (To gather and make music together)
Just go to the music page!  And a big thanks to the admins of the Kanikapila site.  Great work and thanks for sharing!!!!

Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway was wild!!!

Boys and Girls, OMG!  Attended my first Ukulele Getaway with TBUS, and it was a wild one!  My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing all weekend.  My fingers hurt from the Workshops that were excellent.  The entertainment/performers were top rated nationally, and the local talent on the Friday concert were just a good!  

I met so many people that I'd become acquainted with on Facebook, and also got to spend the weekend with all the friends and peeps I've made in the Tampa Bay Ukulele Society.  Oh man, and people were there from all over the state as well as from other states.  

We met great people from Pensacola, and from Naples and Fort Meyers, and of course people trekked across  from the "Other" coast, so pretty much most of Florida was represented! 

On top of all that, and adding in the jamming that we all did, we were treated to a Sunday concert and Luau with Ty and his band.  Hawaiian music and lots of the members got up and did the hula!  LOL

Lastly, but most significantly, I, 30s Uke Girl, WON an Ohana!  It is the TK 35G.  Again, OMG!!  I got home today, freshened up, and ran down to our friends house were a nice bbq party was ensuing.  Vinny and I played Ukulele songs for them on the new Acquisition!!  lol.

I will post a video soon of me playing the new Ohana!  Did I mention my cheeks hurt from smiling???  Pictures coming soon!  Ever, 30s Uke Girl, aka Norine Mungo