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I’m a lifelong musician, been writing songs since I was 16. And, they got better with time and practice. Everything gets better with practice! As a wise man once said, “Don’t practice till you get it right, practice till you can’t get it wrong!” I love teaching ukulele, and also teaching voice and of course, songwriting. A song is nothing more than a story, and if you sing it as if it were a play, then you are using your voice correctly. If you write it as if it were a play, you engage the listeners. And bonus, if you use an instrument as an extension of your feelings, you can make the song soar. I intend to use this blog for the promotion of my ukulele passion, to introduce performers, review instruments, luthiers, and give links to great UKE websites. I also will keep links to festivals, events, and clubs. My other passion is biographical content, and I’ll be adding many of those, especially about the early artists from the 20s 30s 40s. A lost treasure trove of talent. Hope you enjoy the varied content. It will be eclectic, like me!

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Absolute Beginner's Only!

If you have NEVER played the ukulele and or this is your first instrument EVER, then these are the videos for you to help you get started.  If you are advanced, go find another page! LOL.  Also, get in contact with Ukulele groups in your area.  I belong to Tampa Bay Ukulele Society and have improved so much by attending their live jam-alongs. You can usually find teachers in your area but if you can't get to lessons or jams, then check out the websites below, and maybe sign up for lessons online!  Here you go! Happy Strumming!

Besides the video's below from Chili Monster, I am also recommending his webpage for further assistance in online tutorial.  He has over 70 video lessons on youtube and also DVD's for sale if you want to just have it without going to all the clips!  Here is a link to his page and a Thank You to Chili Monster for putting so much effort into teaching!  Kudos!

How To Play Really Easy Ukulele (1) Intro,Tuning & Strumming by Chili Monster

How To Play Really Easy Ukulele (1a) Strumming pattern

How To Play Really Easy Ukulele (2) Major Chords by Chili Monster

How To Play Really Easy Ukulele (2a) The Blitzkrieg Bop by Chili Monster

How To Play Really Easy Ukulele (3) Bad Moon Rising by Chili Monster

How To Play Really Easy Ukulele (4) Minor Chords by Chili Monster

How To Play Really Easy Ukulele (4a) Knocking On Heaven's Door by Chili M

How To Play Really Easy Ukulele (5) Finger Picking & The Streets Of London

How To Play Really Easy Ukulele (6) Strumming & Playing In Time by Chili M

How To Play Really Easy Ukulele (7) Playing The Blues by Chili Monster

How To Play Easy Ukulele (8) Tablature and how to play The Way To Mandalay

How To Play Easy Ukulele (9) How to play 'Put The Blame On Me' by Chili M

Chili Monster presents: How To Play:- King Of The Swingers (I Wanna Be Like You) 

So, that should get you on your way, please subscribe to Chili Monster on Youtube. If you are new to Ukulele, you can set up your own channel there on youtube and then subscribe to other channels like Chili Monster's!  
I hope that you keep learning and stick with your Ukulele for life!  I wish I'd discovered this little critter when I was young!  But hey, it doesn't matter where you start, right?  It is where you finish that counts!  I am dedicated to this little creature and she and I play every spare moment!  My little flea is named Mona Leah! What is your baby's name???
Ever Yours, 30's Uke Girl!


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    1. Your Welcome Chili! Thank you again for putting out these helpful start-up videos! You rock big time!!! Ever Yours, 30's Uke Girl!!!

  2. Hi Ukegirl norinemungo, you are a very special gal and I am pleased to make your acquaintance!! maruke

    1. Thank you , and I am glad if this blog helps you! That is what it is all about! Happy Strumming!

  3. Chili Monster checking in from across the pond and enjoying a trawl through your recent posts - keep on strummin' ...

    1. Nice to hear from you Dave, your videos are so helpful to our beginners here in Tampa! I again thank you ever so much for allowing me to post them here on the blog. As you may have noticed, the blog is starting to pick up steam, for in the last 4 weeks it went up from 150 views to over 2000! LOL. I guess the world has gone Uke crazy Aye? I have also started a Ukulele Orchestra here in Tampa as well, inspired by many of the orchestras out there. Ours is called J J FOOT! It stands for, Jump Jivin Flea Orchestra Of Tampa! It's musical content will be from the 20's thru 40's. For sure, you knew that a 30's Uke girl would be doing music from that era! Hahaha. Happy Strumming!

  4. Hey Uke Girl! Barbara Gail here. Jeff Hanna from The Ukulele Place at The Rhythm Inlet, will be vending at the Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway! We'll probably see you there, I imagine! :D

    1. Sorry about that Barbara, I just now saw this post! Huh! It never alerted me that you'd left a post. lol. Well, I did see both of you at the festival and I was so inspired by your commitment to bring Ukulele to the South End of Tampa Bay, like WAY south, hahaha, in my fave place, Sarasota! We love you and someday I will be able to get back down there and record that song on Nokomis Beach! Ever, Norine

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  6. I am so happy! The videos that Chili Monster has loaned to me weren't appearing on my pc for awhile. But now they are back!! Yay! I can see them! And, hopefully all you eager learners can see them too! Don't forget to go to Chili Monsters Website and let him know that you have watched his videos and that he is very appreciated! He has so many more tutorials on his youtube channel as well. And, he has DVDs for sale that you can purchase so you can just go through the lessons anywhere! Ever Yours, 30s Uke Girl!

  7. I've just read about your Transitional Chording in Ukulele magazine, and I'd love to find out more about it. Do you have any materials that you could share with me? I'm on the other coast so coming to one of your beginner series is not in the cards.
    I'm now going to look at the rest of your site. Thanks. Kathy
    P.S. Posting as anonymous cause I don't know any of the other stuff.

    1. Dear Anonymous, aka Kathy, lol, I will post some videos on my technique soon! Working on them now. Transitional Chording is different from transitional chords! Chording meaning HOW to move from chord to chord with ease as opposed to chords meaning passing chords. I know it is a new term as I've looked it up and none come up on the net! LOL. So, looks like I need to do a methond DVD and get some video up on Youtube! Thank you for asking about it and I have seen the article in Ukulele Magazine so I really got my work cut out for me. Haha. My students, though, are really excited to see the article, because they have been learning this for the last year! Ever yours, Norine Mungo aka 30s Uke Girl!