Thursday, March 28, 2013

4th Thursday Ukulele Jam with TBUS

Tonight is the 4th Thursday Ukulele Jam with TBUS. 
That is the Tampa Bay Ukulele Society meetup where everyone, young, old, 
and in between come out to The Whistle Stop Bar & Grill to play and or listen to others
play Ukuleles.  Even the Ukuleles come in all shapes and sizes and ages.
New and seasoned ukulele players/owners come out in totem 
and jam individually to responsive audiences who applaud every
effort you make to perform with your ukulele.

I started out going to this jam carrying in my huge guitar.  Yes, and I capo'd the fifth fret and played the bottom four strings which then become the exact tuning of a Tenor C tuned Uke. 
TBUS was very welcoming to me and my HUGE Uke, and then they celebrated with me 
when I finally got my Luna High Tide from my husband at Christmas. 

I will post more about Ukes as we try them out, and I will post lots of links to videos and other sites that help new Ukulele owners get information as to chords, songs, accessories and products.  

Welcome to 30s Uke Girl!
Norine Mungo!

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