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I have been writing music and performing professionally for 30 years.  Since moving to Florida, I've added many new originals that embrace the Florida scenery, history and lifestyle.  This has been met with great enthusiasm from crowds all over the state.  I currently have two CDs out but am now working on one that is exclusively Ukulele.  

I plan to use this site to give back, meaning, I will be posting info on where to go for festivals, sites that are all about Ukulele, song sites, and fun photos and pics of local and national events.  Enjoy and most of all Have Fun!  

Remember this, Never Stop Dreaming, But, Now Is The Time To Take Your Dreams To The Next Level, And Start Living Your Dreams!!!! quote by Norine Mungo :)

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Scary Virus Action has Ukegirl all Boggled Up!!!

Hey there Boys and Girls,
This last two weeks has been a real eye opener as the internet virus continues to attack!!  Just for safety, I have had to go in and change MANY passwords!  Our internet here at the Mungos went down to a crawl!  We've got experts working on it, and we are being cautious! I have lots of work to produce for the TBUS Beginner Sessions and the South Tampa Jam, as well as recently taking on some private students for Vocal lessons and Ukulele.

All I can say is, DARN you hackers!  Why don't you just leave us alone???  The greatest thing to happen to us is all the community networking over the last 10 years.  I've connected with family and friends that I'd lost touch with through moves and outdated address books.  I don't want to lose that!  Plus, being able to Skype and see you in person has been such a blessing!

Hang in there my friends!  Hopefully security systems will kick in and clear it all up!  In the meantime, I am deleting all my emails on all my google sites.  They say that Yahoo has really been hacked up, so if you have that email, get in there and clear it out and set new passwords!

I know this wasn't about Ukulele, but, I don't want to lose touch with y'all, so I am just laying it out there and telling you to keep your pc clean and DON'T open ANY attachments no matter how much you love your mother or friend, it might not be them who sent it!!!

See you all soon at the events!  Ever yours, 30s Uke Girl Norine Mungo

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