Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Andi Zack Country Singer Songwriter and Ukulele Artist

New discovery!  I asked a friend in Nashville if she knew of any country artists that were using the Ukulele as a main instrument.  With all the surge in Rock and other genres, I was curious to see if there were those among us who delved into the Country scene with the little tyke in hand!  
Andi Zack
My friend stated that I should look up Andi Zack!  Very first song I click on in the youtube format is a song called OH!  Written by 

Andi Zack, Karyn Williams and Jennifer Zuffinetti

I hope to get some history on Andi and how she came to play the Ukulele and a little about her journey!  So until then, here is a link to her Facebook  Page,  
https://www.facebook.com/AndiZack , and below  is the video of OH.  Please check out her other videos and like her page!  We need MORE Ukulele in Country Music!!!  Ever, 30s Uke Girl, Norine Mungo!

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