Thursday, July 18, 2013

3rd Saturday Jam in South Tampa

Hello folks, as you know, the Tampa Bay Ukulele Society has become quite large!  Yay!  Given that, we are finding that we also cover a huge territory, taking in all of the Tampa area, as well as the St Pete peninsula which goes from about Tarpon Springs down to the tip of the Skyway Bridge.

I have volunteered to guide the Tampa side in a consistent jam on the 3rd Saturday of each month going forward.  These will be in South Tampa, right near the Gandy Bridge, making it accessible from both sides of the bay.  There are several locations in the gated community that I live in for the jams, including right out by the water, as well as a club house that I will look into for larger jams.  This is an over 55 park and I will also invite the community that lives here to join us with their Ukuleles and or to just listen.

We start the kick off this Saturday, the 20th at 2 pm.  Going forward, I may have to move it to 3 pm as I have work next month on that Saturday.  But the Doctor I work for is very helpful and will have me out on time for the August one.  After that, we should be able to keep it earlier.  I will always be willing to do the jam after the jam as well, for those who want to stick around and go into greater detail, as in the number charts etc.

For RSVP and to get directions and the gate code, please email me at and I will email back the numbers.  You will need the gate code to get in, but the address is 4851 West Gandy Blvd, Tampa, Florida 33611

Looking forward to seeing you there!  Starts at 2 PM

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