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I have been writing music and performing professionally for 30 years.  Since moving to Florida, I've added many new originals that embrace the Florida scenery, history and lifestyle.  This has been met with great enthusiasm from crowds all over the state.  I currently have two CDs out but am now working on one that is exclusively Ukulele.  

I plan to use this site to give back, meaning, I will be posting info on where to go for festivals, sites that are all about Ukulele, song sites, and fun photos and pics of local and national events.  Enjoy and most of all Have Fun!  

Remember this, Never Stop Dreaming, But, Now Is The Time To Take Your Dreams To The Next Level, And Start Living Your Dreams!!!! quote by Norine Mungo :)

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Found yet another cool site that will take you on yet another great journey!  This site is called Mighty Ukulele and the page I have copied the link to will get you to a multitude of sites that have chords, tabs, songs etc.  Some of the sites I've seen before but there are plenty of new ones for you to indulge your Ukulele compulsions with.  Have fun and remember: Strum Strum Strum!  PS, there is also a chord transposing site on this page!  Wow.  How cool is that???

Mighty Ukulele

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